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Everyone loves socks! And there’s no better selection than the colourful range at Sock Shop, which includes over 50 different brands. As well as socks of all sorts, there’s a whole range of tights, underwear and accessories.

Store contact: 0161 877 4012

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offer ends 30/05/22

while stock lasts

Pride Socks Collection

Be proud of who you love and how you love by wearing these phenomenally colourful, bright and beautiful SOCKSHOP Bamboo Pride Socks. The socks feel and look great, with an exclusive design.

offer ends 19/05/22

while stock lasts

Gentle Grip Sock Collection

More colourful, more comfortable — what more could you want from your socks? If you hate the tight elastication that leaves behind those itchy, uncomfortable constriction rings on your legs, then these Gentle Grip Colourburst Socks are made exactly for you!

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